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Ice T is doing Cheerios commercials in a spin class. What have we come to?
Sitting with the family watching Home Alone. Grandma keeps talking to the tv, asking why the kid is doing this or that. To the kid though. And randomly asking us questions like, "can none of the neighbors hear the noise?" The aunt is watching youtube clips on a tablet of dogs snoring to hip-hop beats (full volume), laughing maniacally.
No, I was talking about the movie Rings, which came out as a "sequel"/rehash to The Ring.
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Did anyone ever watch that stupid-looking Rings movie?
I didn't really pay attention to the trailers so I don't how stupid looking Rings of Power was. I wanted to get through with House of the Dragon before I tackled another fantasy laden miniseries.
Everyone who did died a week later, or so I've heard... ...but in this case they may have died of regret.
Did anyone ever watch that stupid-looking Rings movie?
Sequel to "The Ring" - the Cursed tape meets a Cursed VCR (one with bad tape heads that eats everything it tries to play). Samara defeated. No one can watch the video.
Good first half for team USA..
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

A day late!
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What is a pittsburgh?
Is it not simply a burgh that's the pitts? S'wot I've always assumed anyway