The Shoutbox
Ok ok, I'm over halfway thru The Sandman and seems pretty alright in a not altogether mediocre kind of way... so far.
Can't wait for the pg-13 Blade! The first one had way too much blood in it! #facetious
Lady has a point. Not gonna hate on crunch berries tho. Those were pretty good too!

Gotta be Cap'n Crunch. Original. Not that berry crap they added later. I mean, c'mon.
Grapenuts is the only truly perfect cereal.
Oooooh, it's just like being back at school
Bring me the briefcase. Its the only way to stop this madness.
Lucky Charms and Golden Grahams or nothing.
Rice Krispees are not the perfect cereal, but they're OK. All must yield to the power of the Cocoa-Krispee, however.
Its beautiful! 🤩

What year did that win the Oscar? Im guessing after Back to the Future came out?

Also, I think there was a Boof sighting.