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My new favorite subreddit: AbruptChaos
Excellent name for an alt-rock band that - The Waltons!
I wish! Then we could get the Waltons to change the name to the Mile High Trash Pandas.
So a lot of Bradley Coopers running around on the field?
Originally Posted by Corax
Denver Broncos are absolute ass.
Theyre Limitless!!! Lets ride!!!
Denver Broncos are absolute ass.
Originally Posted by mark f
R.I.P. Judy Tenuta
OMG Noooo!
R.I.P. Judy Tenuta
oh. em. gee.
it's been too many years since watching this one and I COMPLETELY missed that reference.

le sigh.
Originally Posted by mattiasflgrtll6

True Romance rocks
And it offers us a vision of the one true Drexel (which it turns out is spelled Drexl, but whatever...)
Thankya. Thankya ver'much.