The Shoutbox
Good afternoon, all! Or, as the night owls say, Good morning! Where's my coffee?
I got you this gift as a token of how strong our anonymous internet friendship still is, in light of your questionable taste in shows.

Donít worry. Cue up some Ted Lasso and have a glass of sweet tea. Youíre not missing anything.
You get a big fat raspberry for that.
I TRIED to watch it!!!?
A show that does its fans the great service of covering up Brendan Fraserís eyes so you donít have any anxiety over whether they are gonna explode or pop out of his skull. A show that may have the best intro since GoT. A show that youíve had multiple chances to watch, in light of being a fan of the weird stuff on HBOMaxheadroom and still havenít watched. A show with a universe in a donkeyís ass and the definitive worst version of one the DC Titans ever put on screen. Flex Metallo!!! Heartache. Loss. The show that got Alan Tudyk the show heís on meow. The show you refuse to watch.
Woah. EPIC EPIV reference.
Originally Posted by doubledenim
Donít worry, folks. You have the whole weekend to s1 & s2 of the best comic show before s3 premieres next week.
Bring me up to speed. What are we talking about?

Also, keep your friends close, but get your enemy's toaster. We gotta get Randy's toaster.