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Itís not a real train ride unless someone is making it their own private living space.
Itís the simple things in life. Soak it in.
Traveling long distance in a train, and there are three people around me in my compartment who are snoring in synchronisation.
Coincidences abound!
Originally Posted by ynwtf
So I'm watching The Wizard and so far both diner stops were playing NKOTB. Also, Beth Grant appears in a bit (8 bit!) part as a waitress who was in City Slickers II I started earlier today.
Now youíre playing with Power! Warp Whistle!

sidebar-In entertaining last night someone may have been reciting lines from Hanginí Tough.
I didn't "distance myself"; that's how I heard it.
With Dani8, I was honestly just checking if she had more posts than Yoda. If she kept at it, it should have been a piece of cake. I did find it funny how Yoda distanced himself with "third-hand".
I have Yoda and all the mods on ignore - that way I can't possibly get into any trouble
Just jokes folks. Just jokes...
I've always ignored the ignore list.
I forgot about the Ignore List. Mine's empty from three years back.