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Holiday tips for the Lazy

-Preheat an oven. You know, turn the dial or start beep-booping buttons

-Take a cookie sheet and cover it with parchment paper. No parchment? You can substitute paper towel in its place

- Arrange any style pretzel of your choice in rows. If you are using salt-free pretzels, now is a good time to stop and re-evaluate your life

- Unwrap a roll of Rolos and place a Rolo on each pretzel

- Place in oven and watch in a manner that makes others believe you are debating whether or not to stick your head in there

If you'll be my bodyguard,
I can be your long lost pal!
I will call you Betty, and you can call me Al.
“I will call you Mister P, but sir, I refuse to call you Master.”
You know what they say…the stronger the faith…
My talents include, “being able to judge by a profile pic, whether or not she is gonna bring up her faith in the bio.”

With great power, comes great responsibility.
In the spirit of full disclosure, the original post did not load fast enough to reveal itself as a gif. I stand by the bit.
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Weekend at Sprinkles?
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So I was eating out tonight and one of my favorite songs from the 90s came over the speaker system: Better Off Alone. It's crazy how the most throw away lyrical songs can leave such an impression.
I just kept on waiting for to say something elsse
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lol deleted my post before anyone called me out for grilling a dog.
idk dude, i think that would be the least of your concerns, the dog people will get you if you do that.
lol deleted my post before anyone called me out for grilling a dog.