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Hey it's Harry Lime, I wondered what happened to you. Good to see ya!
Hello truly excellent MoFoers. I hope you're all doing well and healthy.

Thinking about this old place lately.
Here in our state and in county in fact a Women and Man were arrested for hoarding toilet paper and other supplies and not for use but stocking there brothers store and saling T,Paper 8 dollers a 4 pack
Might be the rationing I've been doing tbh.
Eating air and drinking steam... gives me the sh*ts.
All that phukking toilet paper and then he just pharts

Magna Farta: The Rodent's Eau De Toilette Range:
Manufacturer: The Rodent
Product Name: Eau Dear Lord

And here we have Job 73.4 in the occupational outlook guide.
Bottle it and make a fortune!!
Originally Posted by The Rodent
Don't know what's wrong with my stomach, but I sat on the toilet and did such a massive fart I swear it pushed all the water round the U-bend.
Thanks for sharing.
With that amount of hot air you should have gone into politics