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Originally Posted by AgrippinaX
Is ‚ÄúSex Education‚ÄĚ worth watching?
depends on how willing you are to be educated silly ;-)
Is ďSex EducationĒ worth watching?
Yeah. Weird accident, that discovery for me too. I'd do better working at night but no can do with my job.
Originally Posted by ynwtf
Benadryl knocks me out within half an hour of taking it so, if I'm desperate, I'll use it as a sleep aid. The trouble of it is that in exactly 5 hours after falling to sleep, I wake right up and can't even be bothered to fall back to sleep. Then I just stare at the walls for 3 more hours.
I'm such a night owl that about a decade ago I started taking a half-dose of Walmart's generic "sleep aid" to get back to sleep. I wake up often (60-year-old bladder FTW!), and my brain always shifted into high gear when I'd try to get back to sleep. Then I started also getting up at 6 a.m. to cook hubby breakfast before work... and couldn't get back to sleep. (I typically go to bed between 2 and 3 a.m.)

The half-dose worked wonders. It didn't knock me out completely but it did help me ease back to sleep after getting up for anything. It wasn't until about a year ago that a nurse friend of mine pointed out that the "sleep aid" ingredient was just Benadryl. I had never made the connection.

If I take a whole dose (50mg instead of one 25mg tablet), I get jittery and it has the opposite effect. The half-dose has been perfect.

Also, I have no allergies, so I'd never bought anything like Benadryl before.
Same re: Zyrtec
I usually use Zyrtec for my allergies. It works pretty well.
Molly Hatchet album covers!!!
Turbo Trip!
Donít ask how I know. I just do
They doled out Benadryl in rehab if you couldnít sleep or were feeling anxious. A whole sheet will **** you up, tho 😅
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Originally Posted by John McClane
I musta sneezed a hundred times today
Do you get allergies around this time of the year as well?
Indeed. Then I pop some Benadryl and pass out
2 Benny Pop, yawwwwwwllllll.