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Tiger Woods was involved in an serious car accident. Both legs broken.
yeah. seems to be a pattern. February. January Part 2 of 2021. 2020 part Deux.
Tuesday. Monday pt. 2
I just love it when someone brings me a computer that is months behind on updates. No, this will not be a quick fix.
I could go for some bratwurst.
Originally Posted by ynwtf
hope it's not the broodwich.

Youre fine as long as you dont eat the tomatoes
Originally Posted by Sedai
Lunch time for me.

*Eats Sandwich*
*Cuts the crusts off with my switchblade*
I have the 2006 special edition DVDs. Never selling them even if I never watch them again and they reach hundreds of dollars on the secondhand market.
hope it's not the broodwich.