The Shoutbox
I'm still in a duo called Alexander and Catherine, and we're pretty great.
I used to be in a band called The Ivans, but we were all pretty terrible.
I used to be in the band Inescapable Corpulent Flatulence but if I'm honest we stank.
My interim band is called Instagram Cinderblock Fassbenders.
I'm still in a band called Introverted Cindered Fartlighters.
My next band is going to be called Insolent Cinerous Gaslamping.
My last band was called Insipid Cinnamon Gaslighting.
My first band was called Insidious Cinematic Gaslighting.
Insidious cinematic gaslighting is definitely one of our most-requested features.
I think a really fun addition to the lists would be the ability to stealthily 'uncheck' films on lists for other MoFos with a higher 'seen' ratio for that particular list.
The Ambulance with Eric Roberts. Great b movie festuring Stan Lee