The Shoutbox
Yinny, don't you dare say Captain Eo! I see you lurking!
Has anyone seen EO?
if it pleases and sparkles!
Wont you join our Collective?
The real reason Netflix is redits a Borg laser!!

Lastly: I better finish Dark before my friend kicks me off their Netflix! :P
"After that, people living in this home who want to use Netflix on their own device have to launch the app at home at least once every 31 days."

Use our service...OR ELSE.
Netflix 2017: "Love is sharing a password."

Netflix 2023: "F**k you AND your friends."
I got a feeling Netflix is about to lose a LOT of money
Originally Posted by Yoda
Pretty appropriate that the image about being lonely's just been sitting there by itself for awhile.
Garfield wasnt available to join you for dinner is all
I wonder what the record is for longest time between posts in the shoutbox.