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On second thought, I'd pay to see this movie with Andy Dick playing every role.
So I'm watching Dazed and Confused and I'm at the scene where Parker Posey is doing "air raids" to the freshman girls in the parking lot. Total crush on Posey btw, so this is not to take anything away from her; but as I'm watching, I can't help but want to see Andy Dick act out this scene in her place.

I can't be alone in that, can I?
Pain ...creas.
Im telling ya: raspberry yogurt covered pretzels is where its at! My warm weather addiction.
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Originally Posted by John McClane
These pretzels are making me thirsty!
have u tryed chocolate pretzels?
what is this, "chah-ko-luuuuuuuuht" you speak of?
Tiger Woods was involved in an serious car accident. Both legs broken.
yeah. seems to be a pattern. February. January Part 2 of 2021. 2020 part Deux.
Tuesday. Monday pt. 2
I just love it when someone brings me a computer that is months behind on updates. No, this will not be a quick fix.