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I think a lot of the praise has to do with the feeling that he kind of invented a style of film, with its quasi-realism and emphasis on the ins and outs of adult relationships. Like, this might sound weird, but I'm not sure we have Kevin Smith without Woody Allen. I think there's a lot of influence in naturalistic (or, to be fair, naturalistic feeling, relative to mostm ovies) dialogue.
Well, most of them are utterly forgettable, especially these days. But I was always a little confused by the level of love for Annie Hall and Manhattan both. I guess I can appreciate some of the meta stuff in the former, though.

Loved Midnight in Paris, however.
i've had this conversation here before (on a thread, not in the shoutbox, but still)

Woody Allen films. i don't get the hype.
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And thus the intrepid trio started on their trek to Mordor, both Mama Yods and the fearsome Torgo really hoping that Yinbo would be able to keep his ring covered up the entire journey this time....
I did NOT know! But with that sailor's jacket he's sporting, it's time for a new rooster in the henhouse. and just look at her expression! she's practically having to push him away.
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totes crushing here. and that chick with the straight jacket straps still loose from her institution escape?! MY KINDA WOMAN!

It's a fool's game. It's a shame shame.
You know that's Mrs. Kemp you're crushing on yeah?
They need to bring back the glass pony bottles so they can be properly enjoyed poolside.
$28.99 + $7.60 p&h
per 1 unit
Did somebuddy say Pepsi?

One of the keys to the Pepsi challenge was “a sip”. People tended to prefer the “sweeter, brighter” taste for a sip, while preferring to drink the whole can of Red n’ Nasty.

No. I haven’t looked of unopened cans of New Coke on eBay. Yet.
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"I wish the ring had never come to yn."
”Wootfmother had implored him to scrub, scrub, scrub-a-lub the neck. Alas, to no avail.”