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I inhale Ophiocordyceps spores all the time because I work with them closely," said Araujo, who remains un-zombified.

from the CNN Space and Science article, titled, What scientists say about the real-life zombie fungi that inspired 'The Last of Us'
Might buy some more movies today.
We had the big storm warning yesterday and i wake up to...nothing.
We still ain't seen a single bit of winter precip here. I miss my childhood's weather
LOL Beach Bums From China (UK 2023)
Tipping well is something I enjoy, but it is based on merit.

The waiter that explains everything on the menu and never lets a water glass go dry. Clerks at a hotel ensuring your stay is the best it can be. That bartender that lets play that Waylon Jennings song twice.

My thoughts on tipping often lead me to all our blue-collar heroes. The person running the machine that makes the cup, the lift-truck operator loading beans at the roaster, the field-hand tending the crop. On average, what percent of their income is tip derived?

The service industry choses to use these compensation structures and people agree to the terms they work under. When did a truck driver as you for a tip on the last package you got?

To a degree, the burden lies on the employer, not the customer.

Graduate student
I usually give a tip if it is a pizza or grocery delivery or a cab ride.
Get that MBA!

Mocha Bean Acumen
Originally Posted by doubledenim

The quote is from a barista in graduate school.
You can go to graduate school to become a barista??
I hate tipping! It feels icky, like organized crime running the protection rackets in an old movie. That's just why I don't go out to restaurants anymore or to espresso/Starbucks type places.