The Shoutbox
I much prefer this:
50 Shades of Grey
Tomato, toMAHto.
Still lands the same.
Always happy to support my fellow MoFos - I'll take a cpl of seats and two dozen of those rather dubious looking tomatties pls. I have a good arm so not really fussed where I'm sat
Ill take a couple tickets. The good seats. None of that nosebleed nonsense.
so I feel I'm transitioning into one of my seasonal highs this week with creativity.

anyone written a script?
ever use any special effects? digital or practical? even just makeup?
lighting, filming, DPing, directing, acting?

I'm not sure this deserves a thread just yet. depends on the replies, if any.
yeah, see, I'm not clicking that crap. you must be mad to think I'm gonna fall for that.
Originally Posted by ynwtf
(i'm so sorry, y'all)
Clearly you are not. The shout was still there for me to view a few moments ago, five hours after you wrote it.

But hey, here's something in return, just for you:
Originally Posted by ynwtf
Forms a chorus line and sings:
uno... sin-gu-lar day-sation!
every-lil-shout she makes!
da-boo-biddy boo...
Thanks for that earworm. I'll probably be stuck with it till the end of the week.
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Anyone else watching that FX show Y?
Y not.
Anyone else watching that FX show Y?