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"The Edge of Democracy" new documentary avaiable in Netflix is pure garbage full of lies! One side ofthe story. It's a shame how low "PT" can go to prove they're the ONLY good people in this country.
It might just want a hug.
Give it a hug.
Ah, g'wan.
The bird doesn't seem to be singing to us much. Mostly just chirping and squawking (Atticus, you lie!). Anyway, it chased me and the dog out of the backyard this morning. And yeah, we think it's just a nest. My wife overheard someone else in the neighborhood saying the same thing.

Of all the houses he could've chosen...
This morning? That must have been exhausting.
I just made 1000 posts!
Thereís one thing I do well: consume. I consume like nobodyís business.
It comes in cycles for me. Writing, drawing, music. They each last an intense few months, one at a time, then on to the next segment usually abandoning a project halfway through as inspired distractions take over. I've never been very disciplined in that respect.
But I mostly think it was the people I unfollowed on Twitter
So itís no big accomplishment my recent reviews but writing them has been beneficial to my well being. I donít see myself writing like I did in high school.

College squeezed all the words out of me. Most of that drive is gone. I have a lot of respect for people who write a lot.
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word II.
ya motha.