The Shoutbox
For a minute there I was half expecting ynwtf to start shouting "I drink your milkshake!"
Reminiscent of a young Howard Cosell.
Proper scary stuff.....
and it seems as though CR wasn't as invested into the race as I thought
more or less.
So back to land of sanity...
I think I kinda burned myself out there tho haha. So it'll be a few weeks before I start that crap up again. wow.
yeah =\
we kind of wrapped the bulk of everything up this weekend. sucked. now I'm just waiting for new material from the client which may or may not come in today. =\
Damn, ynwtf, it must really be slow at work today.
*impatiently waits for a PM to STFU*
Sulu says what?!
AGGRIPICANNOT SPELL YOUR NAME PINA-X has RUTHLESSLY knocked yours truly right off the board with two consecutive posts in the questions forum!! As if one wasn't enough while I'm distracted here, A SECOND POST just MINUTES AGO seals my fate!!! Clever indeed and your message is LOUD AND CLEAR!!!!