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Just got two random reps from Getnetflixforfree. It'll be remarkable if they somehow don't turn out to be a spammer haha.
I would pay for Sexier Celebrity
It's the ability to change your user name for a small fee.
I'm looking forward to this new thing!
That, I hope, is next after this thing.
Originally Posted by Swan
When will we be able to make our own lists!?!!? I'M WAITING YODA
You already can.
It's called a thread.

When will we be able to make our own lists!?!!? I'M WAITING YODA
Hopefully soon. Absolute earliest would be tomorrow. week, I guess?

Only things I'm wrestling with that could shift that are how much time to spend making it look nicer, and whether or not to simultaneously launch some added functionality that kinda ties into it.
I'm very curious to see what it is?
I don't think anyone will dislike it, they just might not find it thrilling, so I don't want to hype it.

That, and the thing I said about putting it out there earlier and shaping it after some feedback. It's going to be a little less developed than a lot of the other things I've added, most of which were what I considered close to "done" when they went public.
Oh-oh, I gather from the tone of your post, you're expecting us not to like this new feature much? I sense some intrepidation?