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it's Wondnesday
Something is seriously wrong with me as Iím seeing sexual connotations in everything.
oh, it's only a 2 page thread? no wonder i couldn't find it. i remembered it as like this huge ass thread that'd been around for years, lol. okthen.
didn't there used to be a thread under the Music & Television section that was like "rate the song above you"? i can't find it now. i tried to search for it but it didn't come up.
it's Wondnesday
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Today is the Monday I didnít have
Ha. I donít know what ****ing day of the week today is. Not a clue.
Today is the Monday I didnít have
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feeling a bit better y'all. still a scratchy throat a low-grade fever but way better than I was just even this morning.
I was sick a couple weeks ago, and it was no bueno. Went a couple years without anyone in my family getting sick, my daughter starts day care, and we have been off and on sick ever since!
I'm so sorry. How long ago was it?