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I made the mistake of watching some bass videos on YouTube this morning.

I shoulda started sooner, yo!

Jaco, Wooten or Burton?
If you hold yer head in too you won't be needing a haircut
Just hold my hands in fire for 6-7 minutes, about every 10 minutes or so.
Yeah, it's been like a complete 180 for me ..... drinking water and washing hands in Smirnoff
That might be right, I'm going off memory. It's definitely in that range.

Main thing being, this isn't linear, where more alcohol is more useful in any meaningful sense. If it's got a low alcohol content, there'll be lots of germs left, and since a single germ from your hands to your mouth can do it, there's not really any functional benefit. Maybe negative benefit if anyone using it acts as if their hands are clean, or uses it instead of using soap.
Been saying 60% abv needed here.
I think I read that anything less than 40% alcohol won't reliably kill the germs, and since it only takes one it is very much binary, as opposed to "some better than none."
Using witch hazel as sanitizer. 14% alcohol. It ain't ideal, but better than nuttin'.
Listening now. Great track so far.

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I've been contemplating getting my bass out again. Last track I was trying to master was AIR's "La Femme D'Argent" (home of one of the silkiest basslines crafted by human hands) and now I have to see if I can remember how to play it despite not having had lessons for years.
Had no idea you played. Love that Air track, also.
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Austruck, the wife and I watched Contagion last night. Chilling who much it mirrors current events...
I told ya! Just make this virus more deadly and it's essentially the same trajectory and plot points! Right down to the politics.