The Singbox
Sorry, you were saying?
ugh, why canít i have a longer attention span?!
I annoy everyone at work. Twice as much on deadlines.

Them wuvs me.
I just know I have more fun annoying people and thatís easier when youíre not alone. Of course, eventually you will be. 😅
A horn section is all you need to
push any party over-the-top!
I adore Celentano.
I may have told you, but years ago I ran into my neighbor's daughter while outside one Saturday. She was around 8, my guess. She asked if I had any kids. I answered that I do. A son, actually! Why have I not seen him? Well, I mostly keep him in the basement.


I don't have a basement btw, but I was curious to know how she'd react. Didn't phase her much, so I pushed by adding I try to feed him once every day or two.


anyways. back to the topic at hand, I am disappointed that I never knew this existed:

Weíve been trying to put you in the basement and take away your stapler since you got here!
one day, i will figure it out.
Or already being through your grace period and still not figuring it out?
Originally Posted by Yoda
What makes it a community is the back and forth. The people I'm thinking of were not that interested in people's responses, they just wanted to broadcast.
What about aggregating content from all the sites we all read, posting it here and not having anything to say about it?