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Just noticed Zotis got banned. How about that.
I don't. I noted this elsewhere, but I remember thinking In Bruges was amazing when I saw it in theatres but Seven Psychopaths and Three Billboards were disappointing enough that I'm genuinely reluctant to revisit it. I did see his short film Six Shooter - between that and a couple of the standalone vignettes in Seven Psychopaths, I might prefer him doing shorter stuff because he gets unwieldy at feature length.
The acting was the strongest part of Three Billboards. Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell were amazing.

I also thought the story was a very fascinating breakdown of the ignorantly ineffective police force and how personal loss can drive you act out in the worst possible ways. McDormand's character is the kind who doesn't want you to feel sorry for her despite what she's going through, and she's very strongminded. But only to compensate for the pain she's building up inside.

I hope we see more from McDonagh soon.
I haven't seen Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, but I did notice that it was garnishing a lot of critical acclaim and awards, so that's why it peeked my interest when you, @Iroqouis, said you noticed it was bad. I wasn't specifically thinking of acting, but yes I did emphasise acting in particular originally. I wasn't so much trying to make a point about acting, as just noticing a movie is bad in general part way through.
Yeah, I mean the original question was about noticing bad acting anyway. Didn't much care for the movie aside from that either.
He might have just meant he thought the acting was bad. I didn't, but I guess some of it could seem overwrought.
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Have you ever been watching a movie, enjoying, thinking it's good, and then all of a sudden realise the acting is bad and from that point on just experience b-movie cringe?
Usually I'm either on board for the whole thing, realise it's bad from the start, or realise it's bad after watching the whole thing and thinking it's good, but as for realising it partway through a movie...hmm. The only one I can really think of that comes anywhere close is Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.
What was it about Three Billboards that made you realise it wasn't a good movie?
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Well. There was that pretty bad flick called Wing Commander I might have walked out of. I'm not sure if I did or not though.
Meh, it wasn't a great movie, and it wasn't artistic, but it was pretty entertaining. I enjoyed it. I think I have the VHS in a box in my parents' basement somewhere.
jam nam mam, pyaow myow...

I say that in my best haruko haruhara voice.
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...and shorts.
.......and fanny packs, before you ask.
The Ultimate Warrior spotted at Cedar Point with the family, circa 1993.
Celebrating his victory of Hulk Hogan for The WWF championship no doubt