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But I haven't deleted a shout in minutes
At least two of them!!!
I can't say how happy that made me on a miserable, humid Alabama day in February.
Iíd like to thank everyone for being here, please save all questions for after Iíve finished this brief prepared statement.

We endured a trying week. Lot of interpersonal conflict at the jobsite. Accusations of accosting a fellow employee. Aggressive language accompanied by accentuating each syllable with a finger to the chest. Pursuit of higher education featuring Zoom, lack of Zoom and other educational difficulties. Had a real bad case of the anxious painfuls at work. A situation that you address and then immediately turn back around and address again. Capped off with the breakup of the only robotic duo Iíve ever loved.

Glad to say we made it through to this glorious 3-day, rain-soaked weekend. Thanks to yeenawoof for his continued shouting and daily blessings. JMC, my northern neighb, for maintaining order in the region. C.H.Y.P.S. for providing glimpses of shouts, only to have them disappear and leave me diagnosing myself with a mental disorder. Mother Green and her continued support of high-quality scifi. The Rat King, for checking in and making sure MoFo has its eyes on the horizon. And last of all, Steve. Iíve got a list of stuff to send you.

Stay Greasy MoFopolis!
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That's lovely!
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Glad I didn't opt for a zombie fillum this afternoon as the auntie is fast asleep upright in her chair, mouth agape but not a sound and only the very slightest movement from her breathing to give any indication that she's actually alive
Catchiní flies strikes again.
That's lovely!
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This actually isn't my creation. My dad made it. However, since he did a great job with it, I figure I'd share it with you guys cause why not.

That is really cool!
Yeah, I'll have to suggest that to him. It seems like it would be a good hobby.