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Less than 300 films to 19k. Where's your God now, Allaby?
I fully thought this was Patriot taking the piss.
Beverly Hills Chihuahua is an actual real film. What the actual ****, oh my god. I am dying here
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I think I've seen all masterpieces
Have you seen Andy the Talking Hedgehog?
I think I've seen all masterpieces
If you build it, they will come....
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To all the Americans in here, your cricket team, which is mostly filled with amateurs, just beat one of the best sides in the world, Pakistan yesterday in the T20 Cricket World Cup.

It got an article at the top of ESPN.

And millions of people confused by the terminology 😅
It's growing slowly in the USA. Will also feature in the Olympics there.
Having a decent number of Indian, Pakistani & Lankan immigrants helps.
Cinemas are only good if they feature rape and murder.
Musicals are only good if they feature rape and murder
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It's prophetic!!
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