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we got ya rails lined up!
And I'm now on vacation!
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not just too late, but Jethro Tullate.
Too late
don't ever google ring avulsion
”Cheryl needs to get her act together and put that dustbuster to work”
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so. i took off early yesterday to catch a 4-o'clock showing of Cocaine Bear. The opening track was Jefferson Starship's, "Jane," which put me right in the mindset of Wet Hot American Summer. The movie didn't quite live up to that expectation, but I did lol several times. This was maybe a step beneath Broken Lizard's Club Dread, but given the novelty of it all it was worth the theater experience. YMMV.
Yo’ Mamma’s Messy Van!
I think you make a good point.
if you didn't do a bump before buying tickets did you even see Cocaine Bear?