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In Soviet Russia, piñata hit you!
lol. I'm not taking a stick to it =\ might melt my brain.
Imagine how many Reese's Pieces are in that thing.
mom and dad brought back an E.T. piñata (WOW I didn't know spell check would add a titlde thingy!) one year from vacation. anyway. they put in on the top (an only) shelf in my bedroom closet, leaving the door open. it was positioned the best way it could be to not roll over and off the shelf with it's goofy rolled cardboard feet, but that meant it was standing 45 from the corner, facing the opened door of my closet---facing ME, where I slept at night. dang thing constantly stared me down. pretty sure it made me cry. it's still there. in the same position today. I'm too terrified to touch it out of fear of it being angered.
Just a nice way of saying Shadow People. Lest the kids get too scared.
But I know they’re there
Yes....ghost weasels. They run though your house knocking things over, playing pranks on the unsuspecting just can’t see them
Originally Posted by Wyldesyde19
Not as bad as ghost weasels
ghost weasels?
Meh, they are weaselly dealt with.
Not as bad as ghost weasels
Originally Posted by Sedai
One of their legs were both the same!
danged waffle spiders.