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We ainít got no Costco, bro. We got a Samís Club but they only stock sandpaper.
Anybody that talks about the paper shortage, definitely doesn't shop at Costco.
THIS is what I bought.
Yeah, that's why I didn't buy those type of rolls. I bought the individually wrapped rolls that hotels use.

If I hadn't worked in a hotel I wouldn't have known to look for that sort of packaging.

BTW, y'all, I drove by my old place of employment and I have never seen it that empty. It's so eerie. I am so glad I left the hotel industry when I did!
Originally Posted by John McClane
So all you really gotta do is go to the places that fast food/restaurants/hotels order their paper and you shouldn't have a problem. Just means you gotta buy a case.
A friend of mine did this recently... bought industry-specific rolls of TP.

Turns out they're way too big for her TP holder/dispenser... And they don't have any perforations (since the commercial holders typically have little razor-like edges to rip off the right amount.

She's making do, but I bet after a few months of this, she'll wish she hadn't just waited for regular TP to hit the shelves again. (It's starting to make a comeback around here.)
that sounds like a great guild name for Warcraft. Cottonelle: we only wiped once.
Cottonelle: Only wiped once.
Ewwwwww to sharing toilet paper
You won't believe how many people I saw sitting out on their front porch when I went and visited my old neighborhood the other day.

Then again, it's a really nice neighborhood with rich white people who probably share their toilet paper and ketchup. A genuine utopia!
All this stay at home stuff has made me realize how much the world has changed in just my lifetime.

People don't really sit on the porch anymore. Now when they do, it's like, "That weirdo across the street is watching us".

I'm not that kind of weirdo. We were raised right, we sit on the back porch
Even better is home t.p. and "not home" t.p. may as well be made by two different industries.