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P.S. to all the Brits round here wanting to be entertained, watch the Gail Bradbrook interview with TalkRadio‘a Cristo Foufas, top notch pandemic television.
Attempted to see Pig last night… the initiative was doomed from the start. Got a good look at the havoc wreaked by Extinction Rebellion and had to walk 10+ miles to get out of the centre to even get a cab. Fun!
Trying to get reset to factory defaults?

Okay. I stole that from the comment section of that Pittsburgh fan fight, but it’s just too funny not too.
does anyone want to melt me?
Until you pass out cold for three days and forget to feed them. Then they're gnawing at your toes. I have seven left after THAT incident. I don't trust 'em any farther than I can throw 'em, which is pretty far. I can typically get another ten yards or so if there's a tailwind. Sometimes I can get a pretty good spiral too. Especially with the kitty's cuz they're easier to grip what with the claws and their natural instinct to land feet down. As long as they don't hook in too deep they spin great in this sorta perpetual rotating arc. Great stuff really. Poetry, actually. Just... The toes. Don't let their adorability fool you. They once fooled me. Only once.
all kittens and puppies are heart-melting adorable
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omg his soo cute!!
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Email me (my first name plus if you like. More information the better.
Sent with a screeen shot of error
Email me (my first name plus if you like. More information the better.
Tried to send a message to Yoda, same issue.