The Shoutbox
that strawberries and cream dr pepper is surprisingly good
youre supposed to feel like that in winter
I like Daylight Saving Time if it was permanent. I prefer it to standard time, which makes me feel like I live in a cave in the winter. I dislike the change of time the most. Pick a setting and leave it!
When does the Best Picture list get updated?
I hate daylight savings time.
Problem is they don't need to make daylight savings time permanent. They need to make standard time permanent. So yeah, really hope that bill bombs.
I believe they brought the Sunshine Protection Act back into consideration in Congress...Perhaps they get it to move through both houses this time?

We missed you last night, Austruck!
HA HA HA! This was ME for the first time years! (Sorry I missed the chat here, though.)
in more exciting news, 7 shouts till i hit the 18,000s and officially have no life.

probably too late on that last bit
i can feel my heart being outta whack with this time change. or maybe that's the extra shot of espresso in my coffee?