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oh and, McC, Leto did fine. He added non-blinking to a solid Agent Smith performance. I'm teasing, but I thought it worked. dude is too pretty to take seriously most times, IMO, but he did alright in this. maybe it was the beard?
GAH I'm in a weird mood. I really need Godzilla/Kong to hurry up. Or Justice League. I need a 4-hour distraction already. I watched Blade Runner II the other night (well, over two or three nights actually) and now realize I should have put the original before it. eh. I'm considering Tron next and the sequel. Maybe I can start those tonight. I'm kind of in the mood for Wahlberg's The Gambler. Or Gone Girl. gosh....
we're all available, down here.
*Phones Pennywise to see if he's available...
Sounds like they need a new IT guy!

Make that four.
Three computers in three different buildings experiencing the same networking issue. Yeah, if that aint software I am going to quit this line of work.
Today is Wednesday. Monday the trilogy.
Flapjacks are like waffles but without a spine.
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They're pancakes in America, but in England, they're giant granola bars.
ohhhh okay we dont have them here in australia that y i never heard of them
Do you have waffles? Shoutbox may cancel me for saying so, but I think they're better.
The wafflution will not be telivised, brother.

*Enters jazz flute and one funky drum beat*