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I can see it!
“How to do a Michael Keaton impression

So there’s a smell in the room and he’s been hired to try and figure out what it is.”
Wait, Netflix censors the word “mother****ers” with an actual bleep and cut to black?! I am DEAD.
Fair points
Originally Posted by John McClane
Wait, we can talk about our ballots now, right?
Surely talking about Vertigo can’t jeopardise a noughties countdown….?
It's more tradition than danger I suppose at a certain number of ballots, though.
You can't reveal them, or at least aren't supposed to, since if enough people do others can figure out what placed where, or at least get a rough idea.
Wait, we can talk about our ballots now, right?
Originally Posted by Stamina888
i have Vertigo as my #1 movie of all time. but ive only watched it once because i fear that it wouldnt be as magical as the first time.
I have experienced that, but some favourites do hold up to scrutiny. Depends on your risk tolerance.
i'm good at moving the ball a few yards downfield sometimes.