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been down that road a few times.
Today was one of those Mondays where I just feel like sitting in the car when I get home.

No thanks, no, I think Ill just sit right here.
I dream about 6 digit help codes.
As good as I have gotten it hasn't helped at all. Tell ya what has worked wonders, tho: Quick Assist.

The finest addition to Windows ever.
He could even be handed the axe from off screen. bahaha

"No, no! Wrong axe!"
Originally Posted by ynwtf
"come to so-n-so music shop! for ALL your 'axe' needs!!!" *sound FX* REE-REE-REE!
Lmao, this gives me a great idea. Have him holding an axe in one shot and have him, no not that axe. And then cut to another with a guitar. xD

He's a working class farmer, so it would just be even funnier. Oh man, I am crying over here.
3 edits down.... finally.
captain's wafers. there was apparently a run on that market this year. coworkers have been pocketing them when we go for lunch at the local Mama Rosa's pizzeria. they may be posting them on ebay. would explain the new car.
Originally Posted by John McClane
I think I might have convinced my guitar teacher to let me shoot a video ad for his music shop. That magic word FREE really has some power.
Did you seal the deal with craftservices? Saltines with Miracle Phwip and baloney?
"come to so-n-so music shop! for ALL your 'axe' needs!!!" *sound FX* REE-REE-REE!
B/W with a shower scene and.....muuuuurder?