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I'm always behind the 8 ball.
For any children looking in: Please do not take this as an invitation to hide behind eight-balls, there are far, far safer places to hide.

*This informational message was brought to you by the Council Upholding Everyone's Safety [C.U.E.S.]
If I had bought $1k in Dogecoin on Jan 1st I’d have enough to buy a house now. Lol
I'm always behind the 8 ball.
Ha! Next time I play pool, I'm going to say "there's your cue."
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...episodes deserve a rewatch to hunt cues scattered about regarding the lead character's ...mental state? That was fun.
Iderno, I found two virtually straight away just by the most basic search on the interweb
JUST to muddy the waters, I made it through a handful of WandaVision episodes before pulling in the plug. It may have taken three to get to the interesting bits, but I didn't care much for the style through that point so I guess I burned out. I figure I'll return to it but I'm in no rush to do so. Also, I think you need to be familiar with who Wanda and Vision are and what they have experienced in at least one of the MCU flicks to have much investment to begin with in this show.

I have never seen Agents of Shield. I enjoy most of the MCU run but have bad experiences with the television cause of things. I guess that's the DC stuff I'm meaning. I did enjoy the surreal of Legion, though I haven't finished it either. That's requires no outside knowledge as far as I can tell. It's just trippy weird and episodes deserve a rewatch to hunt cues scattered about regarding the lead character's ...mental state? That was fun.

I think there are threads for both Legion and WV though there may be spoilers.
The Netflix Marvel series Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones (the first seasons, anyway, which are all I've seen) are worth checking out as well.
Feedback very much appreciated. Will go for WandaVision first then.
I watched the first few episodes of Agents of Shield, but couldn't get into it and I like Marvel. I don't think you are missing much by not watching Agents of Shield. WandaVision though is a must watch. It is really creative, clever and different from most Marvel shows or films. I think WandaVision can be enjoyed by people who don't like Marvel.
Can someone give me one reason to watch ‘Agents of Shield’ if I generally hate Marvel? I was just asked point-blank why I ignored the recommendation to watch it and waffled. But not gonna lie, I’m not inclined to. Same with ‘Wanda Vision’. Is it likely to be my ‘Breaking Bad’ moment where I’ll regret for ages not watching it sooner? Somebody, weigh in.