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Yeah, I do, and I have yet to touch it
Amp capturing, but probably doesn't apply to your situation. Just wanted to make sure you had at least some software modeling going already!
Does it do anything Guitar Rig can't do?
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Trying to not buy a Series S

Good morning, all!
R.I.P. Robert Clary
Yeah, it's definitely the same kinda book. I enjoyed it, though. It'll make a fun movie if done right.
Originally Posted by Sedai
Having just finished Project Hail Mary a few months ago, I will add Artemis to my list! Currently subsumed in a massive Peter F. Hamilton trilogy, though...
It's not bad, at least IMO. Very capable and resourceful female character. And it's got Weir's trademark scientific minutiae. Lunar related of course.
make sure he picks up the tab. i hear he likes to make others pay for lunch.
I will ask him next time we hang out.