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There's a few Marvel films missing. I think those are waiting for a Netflix deal to expire; Black Panther, for example, IIRC.
Anybody with Disney + know what they left out? Like maybe some mixed live-action/animated titles?
(also, wb!!!!)
Lucid pro ho?
Totally read that as "stupid pro quo"

Squid pro crow?
Quid pro squid
Originally Posted by Chypmunk
Surely in America it should be Dollar Pro Quo. No??
or Quaid pro Kuato, for the Martians.
I just walked in on some Republican screaming at Sondland. This is crazy.
Originally Posted by doubledenim
I would have thought that Lady A would have posted some of those baby pics before.

Those ears!
Li'l Yoda was born before the digital age, so the photos from his babyhood are scarce.
Originally Posted by John McClane
It's biased both ways. It's double biased. It's a double biased sword.

OK, i'm sick of the word biased now
Not as sick as I am of "Quid Pro Quo!"