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Incoming iPhone spam? *Shrugs*
Indeed they are.
Chewy but delicious?
Iím thinking of buying CBD gummy bears (yes, I had intended to post this shout before I saw the birthday message).
Happy Birthday, the Rodent!
Happy Birthday The Rodent
OK ladies, put the handbags down and step back.
The.. the prize. The ....PRIZE!! *gasps* we-we TURNED on each other! Like... Like ANIMALS!!

"WAS?!" This is not OVER!? THIS IS STILL HAPPENING!! RIGHT NOW!! *takes a pink gel cap to the shoulder* AAaaarrr!!!!
She is a fine example of the art being better than the artist, and itís her holier than thou attitude with which I take an issue.
Originally Posted by Wyldesyde19
So sheís judged for it having any and now judged for deciding to finally have some? See the issue there? Her reasons are her own, I would imagine. How many of us were outspoken at that age? I know I wasnít.
No, the problem is she was practically militant about artists not having opinions, and now sheís militant with her opinions.

To put it plainly she was either ignorant and naive, or she is a hypocrite for the reversal.

For someone as plugged into the music industry as she was at the start of her career I just donít buy that she was ignorant/naive.

Since the beginning of time art has been inherently political, so like...I just donít buy it.
Originally Posted by John McClane
Because she was already an adult with opinions, but she didn't share them for fear of alienating fans. I'm just pointing out the hypocrisy is all.

She had this whole "artists shouldn't have opinions" phase, and now she won't stop injecting herself into discussions.
Exactly, itís like she finally bought into the politics of showbiz after sitting on the fence for a while.