The Shoutbox
Iím the 2nd DJ. Rare undenimed public appearance.
Bionic wrists
But when I have to get bionic because I have early arthritisÖ iíll be singing a different tune
Yeah, it definitely is a byproduct of the tech explosion from the last 10 years. So glad I had enough wherewithal to realize IT = job security. I do kinda wish I had been nerdier, tho
You can't help but blame the lack of opportunities for Millennials in the last decade. They had to create their own to compensate.
The fact that content creator is even a thing is embarrassing enough. I feel like society just be making up job titles atp
lol. at least they're honest about it.
I do this thing, and it is unfortunate. I could not do said thing and then it wouldn't be unfortunate. But no, I do the thing. It is unfortunate.
This is the funniest thing I have read of late: "Unfortunately, I'm a content creator, so I create controversial videos to be able to potentially monetise my audience on YouTube and other social media platforms."
No No, Scarlet Witch is my future ex-wife.