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Anyone watching Ascension?
...and Tatty, thanks for reminding me of that monstrosity
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Originally Posted by The Rodent
This is gonna be interesting.

Parcel arrived today from New Zealand containing Christmas presents for a Mr and Mrs Moore... the last people who lived in this property.

Tracked the name of the sender of the parcel... who happens to be the only person with that name in that area of New Zealand.
Found their Facebook profile... then looked into their friends list and have found the Mr and Mrs Moore in question, who still live in my area.

Awaiting reply to the PM.

Modern technology. Amazing.


They called the cops accusing me of theft.
Just had the police on the doorstep.
All is good though after I showed the cops the messages I sent on Facebook.

Next time it happens, their mail and parcels are mine, and I'll deny all knowledge.
What a bloody cheek!
Thanks for that, Tactius. I always try to miss it but this year it's hunted me down.
Merry Christmas!

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Is it Sunday yet?
I wish it was...
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Is it Sunday yet?

Yeah why not.
Is it Sunday yet?
I can't stand shit stirrers.

I kept a package for their kid... the description was toys for Christmas.

They called the cops.

In future... I'll open the package. If I like what's in it, I'll keep it.
Unless things have changed, you're allowed to keep any unsolicited mail without charge. I know you were trying to do the right thing, Rodent, so that wasn't the point. But, y'know, if anything good turns up.
No reason why Americans shouldn't be allowed to visit Cuba. I'm glad to hear some good news.