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Originally Posted by Powdered Water
Russell Wilson has entered the building.
I'll alert the media.
Russell Wilson has entered the building.
Breaking Bad in an hour and a half. My body is beyond ready.
It's fascinating.

Going shopping tomorrow and may have to find a DVD shop while I'm out.
Oh man... currently watching Moon.

Why did I put it off all this time? Fantastic film.
Is anyone gonna check out the new season of Homeland? I'm not sure If I will yet. Season 2 was very,very inconsistent.
It's so wonderful having Carson Palmer in Arizona. He's such a total waste of space. I'm sure he'll lead them to many things. None of them of the great variety.
Originally Posted by Sexy Celebrity
It should have been printed:

The Big Lebowski

Synopsis: Who the hell cares? Worthless, stupid, unfunny movie. Everyone likes it and it reflects disturbingly on the sad state of our world. If you watch this, please commit suicide afterwards.
They may as well have said:

The Big Lebowski:

Beau Bridges is a millionaire who ends up in hypersleep for 57 years and awakens to find that a little creature called Gizmo has spawned some Critters and they are running amuck in his hometown.
I know... it's the other fact that he is mistaken for a high profile drug lord as well.

They get not only the decade wrong, but the story too.
Originally Posted by The Rodent
Holy crap.

Synopsis in the TV mag for The Big Lebowski says:

Jeff Bridges is a scruffy layabout who is mistaken for a high profile drug lord and has to stumble from one crisis to the next in this 1940s comedy.

Think I might apply for a job with the magazine as their synopsis writer.
Wow, Bridges looks pretty good for... what? 90? 95?