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Oh well, I'm sure Breaking Bad has trained you well in maintaining patience
Originally Posted by moviemakerking
I'm gonna say yes lol.
Your probably right. (sighs internally) Oh well I guess I'll pick it up during the weekend.
This forum is ruining my Dustin Hoffman moments. Can't post in the thread
I'm gonna say yes lol.
I didn't get to pre-order GTA V. You guys think it'll be sold out everywhere when I go to a store to buy it say later tommorow?
I've just Tweeted that...
I'm not surprised. I expect massive lineups at stores all over North America. Kind of scary, when you think about it. We're so desperate to buy a videogame on the first day, while other, less prosperous countries have lineups for food and water...
My mate just Tweeted a midnight pic of the queue for GTAV at our town centre.

Our centre is a big indoor mall.
The queue is snaking round the entire centre complex... must be about 2 miles long.
Yeah, I get emails every time it goes down. I've already decided to get a new server, and I've got a couple to choose from. I'm literally just waiting to hear back from the server admin so I can get started.
Happened again today.

It's 6:30pm and first time I've been able to get on the site.