The Shoutbox
Just had my second one this past weekend. Luckily, I avoided any of the symptoms related to it. Except it hurt!
I hate needles, and both times I felt it and they’re like “stop tending your arm...”
Huzzah. Great news.
Got my first covid vaccine dose today.
How strange is it that white wine smells like fish? No fish in sight, bottle new.

Also, I might be beyond any psychiatric help as I found myself thinking Eminem’s ‘Killer’ is actually alright.
Oh, and modest goals. Modest goals are important.
The more I try my hand at this music thing the more I realize the following: 1.) I will die a nobody that has never been heard outside of a few hundred people 2.) my idea of life/what I expected from it is not too far off the mark from what everyone says about musicians (i.e. dying poor with no recognition) 3.) the people who did actually made it had one thing in common and that was simply not quitting.

So yeah, not quitting, properly won't be successful, found out that's more freeing than I realized, and I'm ready for the next 50-60 years of trawling the gutter.
Anytime mon brave.
lol. burning down the house. Thanks for the laugh.
*peers anxiously over shoulder
You don't know how close I am....