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I'm a member of the West Veterans Association.
I love Virginia. Beautiful state. Have fun!
Originally Posted by ynwtf
Time for another VA trip!
Veterans Association?
You kept that quiet
Time for another VA trip!
I felt dirty going to see it on a free pass. No idea what happened with that movie.

Itís like ruining the recipe for Rice Krispy Treats.
Wrath of Man

It was better than I expected. But I feel dirty having paid that much.
Nothiní better than taking a new pair of socks out for a spin.
Originally Posted by John McClane
When youíre seriously considering a $20 video rental you know youíve hit rock bottom. Man, this takes me back to my dub sack days.

*digs through the cushions for a few more quarters. What? Itís where I keep em
Cruella? Promising Young Woman?

I would have paid $10 to watch PYW, but $20 is when it becomes too tangible.
Hadnít seen Hannibal since it came out until now - does anyone actually think
WARNING: spoilers below
Will are Freddie Lounds
Awww, a shame.
Requiescat in pace with the heavenly drops of water!
R.I.P. B.J. Thomas