The Shoutbox
"The past is dead. We either move forward or we die with it."

You may think I'm just sh*ting on the Rings of Power. But I offer this one line from the latest trailer as an example of how crap this show will be. The past matters. The books matter. Sh*ting on what came before you is a bad call and fans are right to call this crap out.
Yucca yucca YUCCA!!
Watch The Beast of Yucca Flats. You'll sleep.
Have you tried just putting your lips together and blowing?

Oh wait, that's something else
I wish I could sleep.
Man. I wish. I would definitely rate the show higher if it was a zombie dance number
Like... Like in Thriller??
And dancing
Wait. A music number? 4srlsly?
I tried to enjoy that new Resident Evil series. It really ended up being maybe not even as good as that ridiculous Cowboy Bebop show. There was a fun little musical number towards the end that I enjoyed. I won't tell u the name of the song. Wouldn't wanna spoil it.
10 years after this garbage comes out were gonna be talking about how good The Hobbit was. And those were so bad I can't even rewatch it.