The Shoutbox
I figured some Mod would come along and kick my ass about this!

Wait a sec...
Yeah, I was just about to remind everyone. Thanks for wrapping it up preemptively.
I hear ya - not the place for it!
I really want to reply to this stuff but Im trying to be good
I was going to retort with a zinger about how bad ass my wife and I are for having a grand total of zero dollars in total debt. But apparently, as of this morning, we now have a bunch of college debt to pay off.

Say... this does suck!
I've never passed a baton though
*passes the baton to the next runner*
I suffered from dichotomy once. I was a bad ass that day I can tell ya
I am no badass. One day i might be a bad cheek tho. Rather be a good cheek. Oh the dichotomy of man.

I made the mistake of telling the barista to surprise me. I'm twitching so bad rn I might as well be dancing
He is a bad ass but is most certainly not on point.