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my problem is i want to ride that train that goes from one end of Japan to the other. but the tickets are like thousands of dollars. maybe one day!
yeah, itís a lot cheaper than that if you know where to stay. more like $75-100 a night
I feel like it has to be a 9-day trip, minimum. I remember seeing $400/night for normal 2-3 star hotels. Plus all the expenses.

I could be wrong. But Iím not leaving the Bandai store without that Jamiroquai figurine
what hotels are you looking at? The Westin?
My guess is minimum $10k for two people.

Donít even think about flying upfront
for that one
Originally Posted by John McClane
Japan is so cheap right now. Too bad Iím a poor.
Last I looked, itís still expensive. Thatís only counting the plane ticket and hotel(s).

These guys are big in Nippon
Japan is so cheap right now. Too bad Iím a poor.
Originally Posted by Galactic Traveler
Just got back from Japan after over a month.
Good evening! Where in Japan, did you visit?
Then again, Japan can indeed be another world...
A nice, short trip to Japan after traveling to other galaxies!