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Just keep your eye out for a group of FSU students and Russian mafioso types.
Just booked some train tickets. You know Amtrak gotta be hurting. Less seating, and cheaper ticket prices. Probably going to be the cheapest, most comfortable train ride I ever had.
burned indeed.

I run 6th grade!
Downside is I'm gonna have to wear more than just a t-shirt and a mask now though

*too late - image burned
I just kinda assumed you were in a outreach program directed at troubled youth, porpoised with helping them change their ways before it was too late. Kinda always been waiting for you to yell out, BIKES!!!.
Originally Posted by doubledenim
Ohhhh. You mean...., youre not incarcerated?
Not no mo', no
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also, grats on failing the test
Ta, even better herself just reread the booklet and I can escape right now ... I only have to restrict mesen to the house and not this dark, damp, dingy dungeon
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I think I'd go batsh*t crazy in prison
Ohhhh. You mean...., youre not incarcerated?
Some days you wake up with just enough coffee to make a pot.