The Shoutbox
The other nightmares were so much worst that that one was actually kinda relaxing. Insurance red tape and all.
Not sharing the dark ones, but I had one nightmare where I parked my FRS on a neighborhood street. And when I came back a rain storm had flooded it up to the steering column with a dropped tree on it.
Mmm, nightmare sweats. Hello old friend.
Stacking competitions still a thing? With the cups? 3 cup monte training?

Itís gonna be huge in Oslo.
I bet I can smoke more fentanyl than your grandmother. Yeah.
I may give up crack for fentanyl. You know, for the team.
Imagine living in a world where u can't find heroin or meth... but u can smoke hella blues! Fentanyl is the sh*t!
"I was clubfooted till light language cured me of lupus"
Probably thinks theyíre red pills or something

"No, no, donít want none of that. No"