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The Shoutbox
Well, The Town is close to that if you havenít seen it yet
Now please, please can someone recommend a heist film where robbers got away?
Oh dear me, I love Kristin Scott Thomas and sheís my schoolís alumna, but ĎMilitary Wivesí did not go well...
I ainít about no Peeps Pepsi but that new mango Pepsi is pretty bomb.
I can promise you I would feel like I had to remove my teeth after trying it.
I'm curious to try the peeps flavored pepsi to see what it tastes like.
Why not finish all those delicious and nutritious treats with a nice cold Peeps flavored Pepsi? To your health!
Happy Sunday. May all your Peeps be stale and your jelly beans come from Trader Joes!
Love "Defending Your Life"! Great writing.
I really enjoyed rewatching Defending Your Life on blu ray. I had seen it years ago when I was young and didn't remember much about it, glad I picked it up.
Well, I know what Iím watching tonight.