The Shoutbox
*Bronx kinda voice* It's an ulcer. I hope not, twould be a shame to lose ya T
Thanks Toose. I'm a little embarassed by you saying all that, but I appreciate it. I do need to learn to chill the hell out, though, so that I'm not thinking about some argument online whenever I'm away from the computer. Hopefully I'll learn to seperate the two.
You're a good person T. You really are. I think you truly want people to understand you and see the validity of your arguments... some never will. Most people I know think you have a heart of gold
Miscellaneous stuff. I don't mention this much, but when I get into some kind of political debate, or really any kind of heated argument, I get a little physically sick. It's been this way for awhile. It's always temporary, though. I feel better when the thing is over with or resolved. So, couple this Dubya argument with some other stuff I have to think about, and I've felt a little odd lately. I'll be alright. Thanks, though.
What's wrong T?
Feeling sort of sick again. It happens whenever I'm in any kind of argument or controversy. Not fun.
"I fart in your general direction"
"If I went around, saying that I was an emperor, just because some moisten bink had loft a scimitar at me, they'd put me away."
Icky icky putang....
Happy Saturday to you as well, Too$e. Whew, man, I slept in until like 11:30 AM. That's what I get for being up til 1:30 AM, eh? I feel remarkably lazy, but I've got work to do nonetheless. Must defend Dubya as well. Yay.