The Shoutbox
Sounds like fun.
It's white with two red circles...
I was in a motel with two people and another. One was sleeping. So were the other two. Loudly.... I was....hmm, listening. What IS your forum Spud?
I feel sick.
Yeah, most smilies are ugly looking.
I have one on my forum...It's kinda ugly looking though
No motel sonny was a house...I was living there, and in the room right next to mine was the "greatest show on earth"
DAMN!!! We totally need that blushing smilie. It's hard to find good smilies, though.
"Shut up, I'm trying to SLEEP!" I can picture it now. I can imagine the train of shout: get a better motel next time. And yeah, Silver, that might be a good idea.
We need a "Flipping Odd Experience" thread.