The Shoutbox
I got me a shaver too.
I'm not 100% sure that it works.
Well, I'm outta here...Night night...
Actually, the Mach 3 is one of the best ways to go if you want to use blades. It's pretty much idiot proof.

In fact, the first time I used mine, I didn't even cut myself.
I'll see if I can highlight it with Paint Shop Pro or something. Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me.

I've got me a little electric shaver. It works pretty well (it's not that big...but, then again, neither is my current amount of facial hair) -- but my dad's got one (same company) that works at least twice as well. Shaving is a bit of a pain, though. I've avoided using blades, thankfully.
I still don't get where you see a mustache...I guess I'll try and shave really well in the morning. I think it might be the fact that my blades on my Mach 3 are starting to go dull. I really don't have the money right now to buy a new package either...I might do that with birthday money!! YAY!! Birthday Money!!
Yeah, 2 days until I can no longer refer to it as a "bad teenage mustache."
It was a long day. Very very long day...But only two days til my birthday!! YAy
I love that commercial.

Man, I read a lot today. Just in case any of you were wondering, it's now official: C.S. Lewis is the man. Please, no more entries. Thanks to everyone who lost.
Fare thee well my fairee Faye? Are you off to Louisana just to se your Suzianna, singin' 'Polly-Wolly-Doodle' all the day???
Back in an hour and a half.
Have fun until then.

Fare thee well.
K-90, and the Luge -- last night.
Loved it.

No doubt I don't need to deliver the Seinfeld take on the luge?

"Hey, hey -- I don't wanna be in the luge!!"