The Shoutbox
Well, I liked it...

Very graphic, but what would you expect in a war movie? Holding hands, singing campfire songs?
You're right Spud, I enjoyed BHD immensley. How'd you know?!

Mornin...well evenin
Good Moooooornin' Neverland!
Wow...this day must be really good or there would be some massive shouting going on...
Good morning to you, too. And what a wonderful day it is! The weather out here is fantastic today.
Wonderful Saturday/Sunday morning to you all..

See, I even incorporated you Silver...
i hope russel crowe doesnt get it two years in a row
Not saying L.O.T.R doesn't deserve it. It certainly does.

It's just a close second...
Same situation.

Want MR to get it, but it'll go to one of those other two.
lord of the rings or a beautiful mind, i voted for moulin rouge though. u?