The Shoutbox
Don't patronise me Spudly.

No, what I said still fits in with the rythm of the rhyme.

I do not like it, Spud, my Bud,
The way you think my rhyming's crud...
Well i'm off, need to work on getting more pages done for my site and all that stuff so later. My site is, just in case you're wondering.
You mean you don't like green eggs and spam?
I do not like it Sam I Am,
I gotta say, I don't like Spam.
What was this I hear about you not liking SPAM???
Halohah and a half to all.
Wanna send it to me? If'n you don't want it...
I'm getting geek cramps man...stop it! Sounds nice...congrats.
Oh wait... forgot to tell you, my boss got me a palm computer...Compaq of course... it's freakin killer... infrared file transfers...
Well gentlemen, and i do use that term most loosley, I must jet. I bid thee fondest farewells. Tomorrow is a new day and I shall waste it here with you.